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Lewisburg Barn

Updated: Jun 12

Good bones and great character---that's what we look for when evaluating barn acquisition requests. The beauty in Lewisburg definitely meets those requirements!

History of the place

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, is known today as the home of Bucknell University. A private institution that makes most people consider the town as a hub for the liberal arts, Lewisburg was once a commercial center for grain farming.

Because the town is located on the west branch of the Susquehanna River, farmers could easily transport their products down river to Philadelphia and other major ports across the northeast United States.

What was the barn used for?

Because of the town's history, it should come as no surprise that Lewisburg is filled with old grain barns like this one.

Made almost exclusively of beech and white oak, she has waited years to be disassembled, sorted, cleaned, and prepared for her new life.

FRAME | Bank Barn Style

DIMENSIONS | 46' x 100'

WOOD TYPE(S) | Beech & White Oak

UNIQUE FEATURE(S) | 42 ft Continuous Ridge Beam