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Our large selection of original face boading comes in various widths, lengths, thicknesses, and species, depending upon what is reclaimed from individual barns and wood sources. From circular sawn white oak to classic weathered siding, each product we offer reflects the natural aging of local Pennsylvania barn wood and only the materials of utmost quality are selected for your home.


If your desired specifications are not on hand in our vast inventory, we will work to procure lumber of that type and cut. If we don't have it, we guarantee to find it or other sustainable materials that will work best in your unique design. 

There is nothing more timeless than original face reclaimed boarding. With this wood, each individual board is unique, providing a naturally weathered appearance that adds the perfect amount of warmth to any design. 


Whether the look of your space is rustic, urban, or modern, reclaimed original face boarding provides instant character by showing the utmost respect to local history. Each board chronicles the marks of a barn’s past and provides sustainable material for the future.



We have a massive inventory. More than likely we have what you need ready to ship this week!



Mushroom Board.jpg
Mushroom Board

Sourced from wood boxes for growing mushrooms in Lancaster County, PA, "mushroom board" offers rich color tones and rugged, textured panels.

Natural Grey Board

Named after the silvery finish that develops on hemlock wood after its exposure to natural elements, "grey board" presents a clean, modern look.

Weathered Bard Siding.jpg
Weathered Siding

Weathered to rustic perfection, this barn wood siding tells the story of its unique time and place in a manner that cannot be "faux created."

Classic White Wash .jpg
Classic Whitewashed

Straight from Pennsylvania dairy farms that used a lime wash on their barns, "classic whitewashed" wood gives a bright, natural pop of character.

Brown Board.jpg
Brown Board

The true naturally aged patina of "brown board" reveals a variety of rich, warm, brown hues in species like oak and hickory.

Log Skins

These 2” log skins are carefully selected from only the finest hand-hewn barn beams on local Pennsylvania farms.

Red barn siding .jpg
Red Barn Siding

This barn wood siding offers the classic "Americana" look of family barns in the northeast U.S. that were painted red with white trim.

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