Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your wood come from?

Our reclaimed wood is carefully selected from centuries old barns across Pennsylvania and other northeast states. At Antique Building Solutions, we disassemble each barn meticulously by hand to ensure that only the best beams and lumber are placed into contemporary homes, builds, and construction projects.

What is the cost of the wood?

Antique Building Solutions will work with any budget. Our prices vary depending on the type of wood selected, the scale of the project, and whether additional services like finishing or sealing are desired.

Do you deliver, and, if so, what's the cost?

We offer an extensive delivery service across Pennsylvania and nearby locations in the northeast. The cost is $3 one way per mile.

Do you ship, and, if so, what's the cost?

We are able to ship materials across the United States. Shipping costs vary depending on desired arrival time as well as the weight and size of the materials to be shipped.

What types of beams do you have?

Our selection of barn beams includes pine, oak, and other species frequently available in our large inventory. Our hand-hewn beams are the most popular, but we also offer circular saw finished beams. For construction projects in which structural issues are a concern, we offer box beams from 1" hand-crafted skins.

Do you buy barns?

Buying barns is central to our business. Visit "We Buy Barns" for more information.

Do you have samples? If so, how can I get them?

We provide free samples of flooring and paneling so that you can evaluate which materials, colors, and textures are right for your design project. To request a sample, check the "sample" box when you place a request for a free estimate.

We are happy to discuss shipping samples to your location, or you may drop by the showroom to pick up samples in person if happen to live locally.

Can you supply enough wood for an entire home?

We have one of the largest inventories of reclaimed wood in central Pennsylvania. At any given time, Antique Building Solutions has over 10,000 board feet of lumber available for sale. Our inventory is a mix of dimensional lumber, original face lumber, and milled materials for paneling and flooring.

Because reclaimed lumber will only be used in select areas of a home, we are almost always able to supply enough wood for any given home's construction needs.

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