Because we want our reclaimed wood to speak for itself, at Antique Building Solutions we do not plane our accent wall thins to "perfection."

Instead, our accent wall thins are individually evaluated and sanded to enhance the color of their natural patina. We also leave the right amount of knots, scratches, and original saw marks so that each wall thin retains all of its original character. The result is a one-of-a-kind product everytime.

Our reclaimed barn wood wall thins are unparalleled in their authenticity and character. Each wall thin is individually crafted by cutting down an original faced reclaimed wood board to 3/8" thins. The 3/8" wall thin is then planed to provide the best texture and appearance so that it is ready for installation in any commercial or D-I-Y interior design project.


Grey Brown accent wall thins.jpg
Mixed Brown & Gray

A selection of oak, hickory, chestnut, elm, and maple wood panels, these wall thins vary in texture and hues from light grays to warm tans.

Hand hewn accent wall thins.jpg
Hand Hewn

Taken from the exterior of hand-hewn barn beams, these wall thins display unparalleled character through centuries old hand crafted materials.

pine accent wall thins.jpg

A "soft" wood that displays hundreds of years of quality and dependability, pine wall thins range in color from creamy white to deep amber.


An assortment of wood types with an array of natural weathering and painted effects, rustic wall thins promise a look full of personality.

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