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Our business starts with finding barns that tell their story board by board, in unique grain patterns, saw marks, and weathered tones and textures.

A vast inventory of large virgin timbered barns across Pennsylvania and other northeast states supplies most of our inventory. This network ensures that our products provide the variety needed to meet any construction need.

Before a barn is purchased, we thoroughly inspect the quality of its materials, age, wood type, and unique features. Only the best materials make it from the farm to our yard.



Reclaiming lumber requires the deconstruction of old family barns, but such disassembly need not do harm to the wood.

Our mission is to care for materials so that they appear to never have been handled. We remove each board by hand, just as our ancestors constructed it.

We take pride in knowing that each plank, board, and beam is passed down from hand to hand. From the farmer's hands to ours to yours.


Once the materials are transported from the farm to our facility, the grading and sorting process begins.

Our boarding is sorted out by length, width and character. Only the finest lumber is kept for original face lumber with its natural patina. Lumber with minor appearance flaws is skip-planed or fully planed to reveal the beautiful grain of old growth forests, a sight not found in modern, cultivated wood.

Before milling every square inch of wood is inspected with a metal detector so that old nails can be removed.

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After de-nailing, the wood endures a process known as kiln-drying. During the kiln-drying process, wood is heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all insect larvae and remove all moisture.

Kiln-drying also prevents rot and warping once the wood has been installed in its new structure.



The first step of the cleaning process is power-washing to ensure that all dust, dirt, and grime is dislodged from any deep cracks and crevices. The proper power-washing settings as well as maintaining a lengthy distance from the wood ensures that no change occurs to the board's tones and textures.wire-brushing. This gentle cleaning method loosens dirt from the surface without removing any original patina.

Once surface dirt has been removed, the wood is nylon-brushed. This gentle cleaning method loosens dirt from the surface without removing any original patina.

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Antique Building Solutions in the reclaimed world is known for it's milling capabilities and attention to detail.

For more information on our in-house services give us a call today or click the link below!

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