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Antique Building Solutions is deeply rooted in heritage. In 1998, the company was founded when my father was asked to take down an old barn for a neighbor. He realized that our ancestors built these barns by hand and he couldn’t bring himself to throw their work away. As more barns came down, we saw how the beauty of old growth lumber had endured the centuries. It was then we decided to quit farming and devote ourselves to reclaiming and repurposing old growth wood.

My father and I built this business on the following values: quality craftsmanship, respect for history, and a devoted work ethic. We choose only the best lumber from centuries old barns to be treated, milled, and placed into contemporary homes. All of our work is meticulous and customized to our customers’ exact specifications and needs. Above all, we pay attention to where our wood comes from and where it is going. We only work with partners who will love our wood as much as we do.

One day, I will hand over the business to my own sons. From generation to generation, Antique Building Solutions will pass on the heritage of our land, our wood, and our people.


Father and son team deconstruct their first barn together.


Antique Building Solutions expands to sell milled materials in addition to raw, original face lumber.


Daniel King inherits Antique Building Solutions from his father to become sole owner of the business.


Antique Building Solutions opens a showroom in Howard, Pennsylvania.


Over the last several decades, Antique Building Solutions has built a reputation as the nations best kept secret in reclaimed wood. Our business has spread by word of mouth, from Howard, PA, to customers all over the country and overseas.


What started as a father-son team has now grown into a bustling team of around 30+ employees. From the start, we have been known as a business built on integrity. We provide only the best reclaimed lumber, and we let the quality of the wood speak for itself.


Because of this commitment, many of our customers are repeat customers or referrals from our loyal customer base. We are so confident that our vast inventory of materials will meet the needs of our customers that we offer free quotes for any wholesale, timber frame construction or interior design project.

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