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Here at Antique Building Solutions, our reclaimed lumber is often centuries old wood that has been carefully reclaimed by hand from barns across Pennsylvania. We like to think that our heritage can be told through the fine grain of our wood. Sometimes we're asked, “Why should I use reclaimed wood in my construction project?” Our answer is simple: wood is no longer made the way it once was.

Trees grown today are cultivated to grow quickly. Old growth wood—the type of wood that we reclaim and repurpose—grew slowly over hundreds of years. The result is that old growth wood has tightly packed growth rings, making the wood dense, sturdy, and dependable. New growth lumber, the kind of wood grown in lumber farms and sold in chain stores, has growth rings spaced widely apart. Such new wood is softer, weaker, and not as reliable for bearing heavy loads over extended periods.

Reclaimed lumber is also a sustainable resource. Purchasing reclaimed materials benefits the environment by decreasing the demand for new lumber thus preventing widespread deforestation. Our reclaiming process further prevents antique materials from being placed in landfills.


Sustainability is at the heart of our work. We preserve the past to protect the future.


Barn wood has natural durability and it places the beauty of its history---produced through decades of maturation---on display.  As old growth wood aged, swirling grains, textured knots, and colorful patina emerged. This kind of wood tells a story, and we listen carefully.


Each and every board shows a bit of character. We know exactly what features to leave and what elements to improve. There was no shortcut to the growth and aging of this wood, so we don’t take shortcuts either.


We place a high value in quality during every step of the process. That means expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, and creating the finest products for you.

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From floor to ceiling, Antique Building Solutions offers a wide array of products to meet the specifications of any construction project. With one of the largest inventories of reclaimed wood in central Pennsylvania, we keep as much timber and boarding on hand as you could possibly need.


Common species in our inventory include white and red oak, white and yellow pine, hickory, chestnut, and hemlock. These were the trees readily at hand for local Pennsylvania barns when their barns were constructed.


Flooring, wall planks, and other specialty products are crafted and cut upon request to meet your exact specifications. To complement our lumber, we offer services that range from custom millwork, sawing, and sanding to de-nailing, wire-brushing, and kiln-drying wood.


Contact us for information regarding specific requests. In our experience, if we don’t have what you need, we can find it. We do our best to accommodate any and all request, no matter how specialized.

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