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The fine grain of our wood tells a story. How it endured centuries of natural elements, how certain hands cared for it over the years. Now, it is ready to be part of your story.

Our products add instant warmth, character, and authenticity to any home. Old growth wood is found in barns that have been passed down from generation to generation. Filled with local history and built to thrive over centuries of wear and tear, our products display the quality of American craftsmanship. This centuries old wood is ready to start a new chapter in its story at the work of your hands.


Most people never think about the wood that serves as the foundation of their homes: the dimensional lumber that makes its structure or the planks that form its flooring. Here at Antique Building Solutions, we believe that because every home is unique, its wood should be unique too. 


Every square inch of flooring, paneling, and beams that we sell comes to you filled with one-of-a-kind color, texture, and grain patterning that will never be replicated. Reclaimed wood carries the marks of slow aging, pressure from natural elements, and dents from axes, saws, and other human tools. New lumber may be able to build a structure, but we believe that your home deserves better.


We select only the finest quality old growth wood to fill your home—wood that has spent centuries waiting to be reclaimed by you.

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Reclaimed Boarding

Each individual board is unique and features a natural, textured appearance that adds warmth to any design.

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Reclaimed Flooring

Art and function meet in our reclaimed flooring as the textured marks of history blend with the durability of old growth wood.

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Reclaimed Barn Beams

Hand-hewn beams from centuries old barns are the image of sturdy American craftsmanship. Available in pine, oak, and other species.

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Accent Wall Planks

Ready for installation in any design project, 3/8" wall planks are cut from reclaimed barn wood and are full of authenticity and character.

Dimensional Lumber

The main structural element of any construction project, more than 1M board feet of lumber is available in our inventory at any given time.

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Antique Tin

Made of grooved metal sheeting, the roofs of old barns can offer a rustic accent to walls and ceilings with their natural patina.

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Fireplace Mantels

Hand-hewn barn beams bring warmth and character to the main focal point of your living space. Each mantel is custom cut to desired specifications.

Stair Treads

High traffic areas require durable, dependable materials. Our old growth stair treads can be matched to floor type and color.

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To complement your lumber, we offer milling, sealing, finishing, and installation with trusted partners in the local community.


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