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Natural Grey Board

“Natural Grey board” is named after the silvery, grey finish that develops on Eastern White Pine and Eastern Hemlock siding after exposure to the elements. Our natural grey board is “younger” than most other original face lumber, as we reclaim the wood prior to the any drastic weathering effects. Over a period of several months, grey board is dried and aged naturally under our supervision.


The result is wood that is circle sawn in texture with subtle, refined, sought-after grey tones that present a cleaner, consistent look than most other original face lumber. The rustic, distressed look of natural grey siding is perfect for outdoor home & barn siding as well as indoor wall and ceiling accents.

Natural Grey board lumber is cut to desired specifications upon request.


Width | commonly 6,8,10 & 12”

Length | commonly from 8,10,12,14 & 16'

Thickness | 1" (can be milled to 3/4" & 5/8")


Available Services | kiln drying, milling, edging
Surface Texture | condition as is naturally aged