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Have an old barn but not sure what to do with it? Here's 5 reasons to consider selling it.

Who buys old barns near you in Pennsylvania

1. The barn is no longer functional

An old barn that is falling apart and should be removed from the property

Depending on what your barn is used for, it may no longer be suitable for your needs. As times have changed, so has equipment. Most modern equipment is not suited for the size and layout of older barns.

Maybe some of the siding has fallen off or parts of the roof have been ripped off in a storm, leaving the inside vulnerable to rain and snow, or other elements. Maybe at one point there were termites, and now the structural integrity is compromised, making the barn no longer safe. Whatever the case may be, it’s better to start fresh than risk further and more expensive repairs down the line.

2. Your property value would increase

Beautiful property with increased value after the removal of an old barn

A property appraiser will review several factors when there is a barn on the property. They’ll look for what condition the barn is in and if the repairs or maintenance are too costly to justify. They’ll also look to see if the barn has a well-defined use or if it is visually appealing.

On top of decreasing a property’s value, insurers would likely see a barn in poor condition as a liability, causing you to pay higher insurance premiums. Selling an old barn would eliminate the liability risk and add space to your property for something better.

3. Dismantling costs and labor would be covered by the purchasing company

How much is it to demolish an old barn?

According to Hometown Demolition, the average cost of tearing down a barn is around $8000. These costs accrue from heavy equipment and labor, and there typically isn’t much left to be salvaged once the barn is demolished.

Finding a contractor who will dismantle a barn instead of demolishing it can be even more difficult, and even when you do find one, it can be more costly than demolition, as the process can take up to a week or more. These contractors will also not sell the salvaged wood for you or purchase the wood from you, leaving you with the bill and the task of finding a wood purchaser.

The most viable alternative is to sell your barn in its entirety. Companies that purchase barn’s will cover the cost of dismantling a barn while also putting money in your pockets. Speaking of which…

4. You’ll have additional funds for a new barn or other projects

Replace old barn with a new building

This is fairly self-explanatory but needs to be said again. As stated before, demolishing or dismantling a barn is an expensive task, and by selling a barn, these fees are waived, leaving you with more money for other projects. You can use the new space and money to build a new, more efficient barn, or things that add value to your property such as a garden or a new garage. Not only that, but by removing your old barn, insurance premiums would go down, which would give you back more money each month.

5. You can preserve your history

Sell your old barn to Antique Building Solutions

Every barn has a rich history, and sometimes it can be hard to part with a barn that holds familial history or sentimental value. And unfortunately, you're not guaranteed to find a barn buying company who will respect that history. At best, when your wood is sold, the company will detail the kind of conditions the wood has weathered through and its age.

Antique Building Solutions, however, is unique in that they preserve their purchased barns through sharing it's story. They note any and every detail the seller can offer, and any wood sold from that barn is shared with future owners.



To learn more about selling Antique Building Solutions reclaimed materials or about purchasing our reclaimed products, contact one of our reclaimed specialists today.

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