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Wormy Chestnut

Reclaimed wormy chestnut wood is one of the rarest types of reclaimed hardwood. All that is left of this wood is from old growth chestnut trees that were wiped out in the early 1900s. When the historic chestnut blight took over, the remaining wood was damaged by insects, which left heavy worm hole patterns and vivid alterations in color. On display with wormy chestnut flooring is how beautiful flaws can be.


Our reclaimed wormy chestnut displays straight, strong grains and hues that range from golden honey to darker brown. Today, new chestnut sprouts are fighting their way to old growth, but for many centuries to come, reclaimed wormy chestnut will be all that is left. To reclaim a bit of history and invite a show stopping appearance into your design, consider our wormy chestnut wood flooring.

Width | 3”-8”

Length | 2’-12

Thickness | 3/4" unless customized


Edges | Bevel, Micro-bevel, or Square

Milled Profile | Square or Tongue & Groove
Finish | Unfinished or Pre-finished to customer specifications

Engineered Wood Flooring | Click HERE for details

Services | All flooring is kiln-dried, end matching available


Custom orders beyond these specifications available upon request.


Mixed Hardwood.jpg
Mixed Hardwood

A selection of old growth oak, hickory, beech, elm, ash, and maple wood panels carefully selected from centuries-old barns for your home.

Skip Planed Mixed Hardwood.jpg
Skip Planed Mixed Hardwood

A selection of old growth oak, hickory, beech, elm, ash, and maple wood panels lightly planed for a smooth, refined look.

Mixed Softwood.jpg
Mixed Softwood

A selection of old growth hemlock, white pine, and yellow pine wood panels skillfully crafted into flooring that reveals its natural age and beauty.

pine accent wall thins.jpg
White Pine

Used as flooring for centuries old barns, white pine reveals soft, muted grain patterns, delicate swirls, and subtle knots.

Yellow Pine.jpg
Yellow Pine

Aging over hundreds of years, yellow pine displays natural history through rich grain patterns and hues of yellow, amber, and red.

Thresher Flooring

Thresher floor comes straight from the main parlor of old barns, displaying centuries of history and offering the ultimate rustic finish.

White Oak.jpg
White Oak

The slow aging of old growth white oak offers a distinctive look in its warm brown patina and an unmatched durability in performance.


Red Oak

Red oak provides the same strength and durability of white oak with more textured character and vivid hues of red and amber.


Wormy Chestnut

The rarest type of reclaimed hardwood, wormy chestnut reveals hues of golden honey and displays how beautiful flaws can be.


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