Authentic Barn Beams

Our selection of barn beams includes pine, oak, and other species frequently available in our inventory. Hand-hewn beams, carved by hand centuries ago, remain our most popular type.


We also offer circular-saw finished beams that were created after sawmills became popular and the axe was retired as a primary wood tool. No matter which beam type you choose, we guarantee that our barn beams are authentic, historic, and one-of-a-kind.

Barn beams vary in widths, lengths, and thicknesses dependent upon what is available in individual barns and wood sources. Inventory is cut to desired specifications upon request.


Authentic Barn Beams

Hand-hewn beams cut by ax and circular-saw finished beams showcase the beauty and skill of American craftsmanship.

Reclaimed Box Beams

Skins from hand-hewn beams are cut, matched, and wrapped to give the appearance of a solid barn beam without the heavy weight. 

Fireplace Mantels

Hand-hewn barn beams bring warmth and character to the main focal point of your living space. Each mantel is custom cut to desired specifications.

We have a massive inventory. More than likely we have what you need ready to ship this week!


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