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Reclaimed Box Beams

Box beams offer the look of authentic barn beams without the heavy weight of solid beams, making them perfect for constructions or remodels where weight and structural issues are a concern.


We design and make each box beam by hand, creating 1” hand-hewn skins from solid hardwood barn beams. We then apply the utmost care to match blade cuts so that the skins wrap around existing framing with no discernible seams.

Because each box beam is crafted specifically for the needs of your unique project, a variety of size and types are available. We create box beams from soft, textured pine to hard, refined oak that can present the appearance of solid hand-hewn beams often used to accent ceilings.


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Authentic Barn Beams

Hand-hewn beams cut by ax and circular-saw finished beams showcase the beauty and skill of American craftsmanship.

Reclaimed Box Beams

Skins from hand-hewn beams are cut, matched, and wrapped to give the appearance of a solid barn beam without the heavy weight. 

KunesGregg Kunes Mantle Ridge Beam_edited.jpg
Fireplace Mantels

Hand-hewn barn beams bring warmth and character to the main focal point of your living space. Each mantel is custom cut to desired specifications.

We have a massive inventory. More than likely we have what you need ready to ship this week!


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